Fill Your Easter Basket With Goodies from Wonderland

Check out our three DREAM EASTER BASKETS full of great Easter gift ideas from the shop, then stop by and stalk up on your own spring favorites, whether you're putting them in someone else's basket or adding them to your easter bunny wish list!

Clockwise from left: 
Squirrel Tales Ballpoint Pen $5.50
Embroidered Fox Necklace by Dandelyne $36
Find Your Happy Notebook by MOTTO $10
Secret Garden Postcards by Johanna Basford $9.95
Spring Fancy Enamel Earrings $8
Wind-up Bunny $5
Butterfly Barettes by Hello Shiso $14
Flower Hairpins by Botteblond Jewels $14


Clockwise from left:
Meu Cat Plush by Kevin Chan $26
Beads Necklace by Homako $38
"Mid-Century Loungin" Print by Kevin Chan $15
Cat Love Pendant Necklace by Yellow Owl Workshop $46
Green Tea & Mint Lip Butter by Love & Toast $4
Tiny Cup with Black Cat $10
Mint to Be Nail Polish by Piggy Paints $10


Clockwise from left:
Star Message Dolls by Momiji $24
Pecanpals Plush by Noferin $20
Dream Journal by Knock Knock $15
Mushroom Wallet by Crowded Teeth $35
Wind-up Chick $5
Bee Happy Magnets by Seltzer $12
Sorbet Lip Gloss Set $12
String of Life Charm Bracelets $12
Neapolitan Cats Bow by Locketship $34

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