SoCal Exposure curated by Davis & Davis

SoCal Exposure curated by Northeast LA artists Davis & Davis

5 Los Angeles artists photograph the city, the beach, the people, the scene that is southern California.

Artists: Davis & Davis, Michael Arata, Stephanie Allespach, Ray Bravo, Julie McManus



{ SHOW RUN: May 9 – June 28, 2015 }

ABOUT SoCal Exposure

To expose Southern California is to bring it into the light. Here, five local artist/photographers take different routes toward this goal.

Michael Arata's four images are snapshots of prevailing themes blossoming and withering throughout Los Angeles. The topic of decay seems reoccurring as the mega media, poverty and violence seem to be reborn to cult status then fade with the daylight.

Set in a contemporary “City of Angels” locale, Ray Bravo’s photographic prints are in the tradition of allegorical paintings of angels found throughout art history. Manikins stand in as symbolic angels interacting in a present day morality play.

Julie McManus photographs local botanical gardens and prints the digital files on canvas. She then paints a candy-colored Buddah into each scene, as a reminder to stay in the moment. Her intention is to make the artwork both enjoyable and light-hearted with a deeper message for those who choose to connect to it.

Stephanie Allespach sees her photographs as "neo-realist documents" of a city, Los Angeles, were innovation, intervention and the fantastique emerge out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions. The images point to everyday theatricality, identity and cultural attitudes by focusing on how participants communicate via object, mark and performed body.

Davis & Davis choose decisive moments to photograph people disporting themselves in the Southern California landscape. 

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