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Hello Momiji Collectors (like myself) :)

I have been personally collecting Momiji from the beginning and when I opened Leanna Lin's Wonderland in 2010, it was very exciting to be able to carry these special limited edition message dolls in my shop! 

Momiji also did a fun feature on me and my Support Squad for their blog series



8.5.2022 Current Stock


Momiji is based in the UK and they have a talented bunch of artists designing these magical little message dolls! They even have special guest designers! All are limited edition. Which ones will you collect?

We get the new releases shortly after Momiji releases them. If interested in anything, please email orders@LeannaLinsWonderland.com with the list of Momiji that you want. We will confirm that we have them in stock and email you an invoice through our website, where you can pay through the link.

Also, if you want to join our monthly livestream shopping events on Popshop Live you can get your Momiji fix there! We show our Momiji collection at every show and showcase any new ones we've gotten in. Shipping only in the U.S. for this experience.


Momiji Prices:

Core Cylinders $26 

* Below are all limited edition and hand numbered *

Limited Edition Boxes $32 (Bear Hugs $36)

Roarsome (5.5 in.) $60

Electra "Collector's Choice" (5.5 in.) $65

Dreaming (8 in.) $100

Enamel Pins (numbered + limited edition) $10-12 each

Sticker Packs $8 + Lined Notebooks $10

Pascale Mini Bricks $16

Pop Mart "Book Shop" blind boxes $14 each 

Momiji unisex tees (printed in LA) $30 | available online


*** Excludes any discount codes ***



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