• Kristin Marine: A Better View
Kristin Marine

Kristin Marine: A Better View


A Better View by Kristin Marine

  • acrylic and color pencil on wood panel
  • 5 x 7 in. 


A Better View 
Clara did not ask permission from the council, she did not want it nor need it to begin. She knew it would take someone brave enough to leave and find help, without help all would be lost. Clara traveled until the sun rose high and the grasses reached up tall. Her stomach rumbled and she felt it best to stop for a bite to eat. The shade had kept her cool all morning while she journeyed but she wanted to feel the warm sun on her face so she climbed the tallest mushroom she could find to get a better view.

And a better view she got indeed...because just ahead beyond the billowing grass, she saw an answer.