• Kristin Marine: Choose A Path
Kristin Marine

Kristin Marine: Choose A Path


Choose A Path by Kristin Marine

  • acrylic and color pencil on wood panel
  • 5 x 7 in. 


Choose A Path 
Rubble always got into trouble! “Oh what a mess I am in!” he said.
“Was it two turns to the left and one to the right or two to the right and one to the left?” he mumbled while pondering the map which seemed to have everything wrong about it.
Then with a sigh Rubble paused to watch the fish who watched him back. “What a beautiful place to be lost in.”
And for a moment or two, possibly three moments total, Rubble thought while a smile grew across his face and excitement sparkled in his eyes. He pushed the map back into his pack, and looked at the signs and then chose a path and moved forward happily with the decision.