• Kristin Marine: The Weary Traveler
Kristin Marine

Kristin Marine: The Weary Traveler


The Weary Traveler by Kristin Marine

  • acrylic and color pencil on wood panel
  • 5 x 7 in. 


The Weary Traveler 
Evenings twilight crept in, cooling the little mouse-ling whose feet were tired. Sir Gideon the gray mouse leaned against the carved cool rocks that marked the edge of Mossy Hill. It was Gideon’s night to keep watch and tend to glow moths. “Just a moment to rest”, he said to himself quietly. The warm lamplight cast soft shadows and the glow moths woke to begin the nights pollination work. Dreams wove between the dewy blades of grass and clover, descending upon the weary traveler.

Little did Sir Gideon’s know, his adventure was just about to begin...