Leanna Lin's Wonderland has been in business for 7 years now. We are constantly changing with the times and trying to keep things fresh and relevant. Over the summer of 2017 we did a shop refresh! Stop by if you haven't seen it yet.

We are a small shop and it's pretty much family run, so I want to introduce you to the team. 


{ photo by Robiee Ziegler }

Leanna: Lady boss, small shop owner, curator, buyer, and designer. I'm a huge animal lover and involved in our local community of Eagle Rock. I enjoy soaking in all of the diversity that Los Angeles has to offer with family and friends at eateries, boutiques, museums, dancing, and walks with the dogs.


Mae Mei: Not only is she my Mom, but she's a kick-ass sales associate, listener, and curator of all vintage in the shop. Mae Mei loves excursions like exploring festivals, small towns, flea markets, museums, and art galleries. She also enjoys gardening, reading, the theater, and family time!


Elysa: Friends since 11th grade ;) Elysa is an awesome sales associate and assists with art shows and other fun stuff. Elysa loves going to the movies, performing at open mics, trying out new restaurants and exploring new little unseen pockets of LA!  She likes being a tourist in her own city, as there's still so much to see! Also, did you know that Elysa is also an amazing singer?


Natalie: Started out as my intern while attending Occidental College. Natalie is my right hand person, online media content manager, does all things creative like our fun windows, and sales associate. Natalie loves going on vacations any chance she gets and brings Indigo along whenever possible! Check out her own line, The Stranded Stitch, which we also carry in the shop! 

Indigo: (aka Indie) has been Natalie's assistant since 2014. She rescued him during our Doggie Wonderland art show with Ken-Mar Rescue. Indigo loves eating table scraps and going for walks, and hates when we get deliveries.


{ photo taken by Herb West }

Luis: Supportive husband and super talented designer. Louie does all of the branding for Leanna Lin's Wonderland and graphic design. Louie enjoys testing out all of the latest eateries and discovering new music all around town!


 { photo taken by Sean Biggins }

Nixon, Twinkie, and Maximus: All 3 of these poodle mixes are rescue pups and appear off and on at the shop. They love getting attention from customers, especially the kids!





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