• Genevieve Santos: Daisy Dreamer #5 The Ice Castle (Paperback) by Genevieve Santos from Leanna Lin's Wonderland
Genevieve Santos

Daisy Dreamer #5 The Ice Castle (Paperback)


Daisy Dreamer and The Ice Castle is the #5 book in the Daisy Dreamer series by Holly Anna. In this book Daisy Dreamer visits a very real Ice Castle that's only a tiny bit cursed during a snow day! Join Daisy Dreamer and Posey, her imaginary friend, on their adventure in this easy to read story featuring the artwork of Genevieve Santos! Get the rest of the series too!

  • Ages 5-9.
  • Paperback. 128 pages.
  • 5.5 x 7.3 in.