• Genevieve Santos: Daisy Dreamer #6 The Wishing Well Spell (Paperback) by Genevieve Santos from Leanna Lin's Wonderland
Genevieve Santos

Daisy Dreamer #6 The Wishing Well Spell (Paperback)


Daisy Dreamer and the Wishing Well is the #6 book in the Daisy Dreamer series by Holly Anna. In this book Daisy Dreamer and Posey, her Totally True Imaginary Friend, cast a wish down a magical wishing well. Find out if her wish comes true in this easy to read story featuring the artwork of Genevieve Santos! Get the rest of the series too!

  • Ages 5-9.
  • Paperback. 128 pages.
  • 5.5 x 7.3 in.