• Electra 5.5" Momiji Message Doll

Electra 5.5" Momiji Message Doll


Get excited, Momiji has arrived at Wonderland online!

Momiji is built on friendship, adventure, and kindness. Pick the perfect design for you or your favorite person, write a message or wish on the tiny paper hidden inside the doll, then hide the message and Momiji will keep your words safe forever! With so many designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect friend (or friends!) for you. 

—Electra loves lunar lemonade and space blossom buns! She'll take you on a shooting star to a place where the stardust reveals who we really are. 

  • Resin figure. 
  • Includes small folded card for secret message. 
  • About 5.5 in. tall.