New Artist to Wonderland: Gabby Zapata

I'm excited to bring in new artists to Wonderland and am especially loving this local artist, Gabby Zapata. I asked her to tell me a little about herself and the Harajuku series. Have fun reading below!
About Gabby:
I was born in Los Angeles but I moved around a lot due to my dad's job. I'm currently doing visual development artist at Disney interactive. Prior to that, I was working at Digital Domain for an animated film that was being made in Florida. I have a 3yr old cat named Minnie. When I'm not doing anything art related, I love to go exploring different areas of the city, finding new places to eat, and having fun at life! 
About The Harajuku series:
The Harajuku series were inspired for my love and admiration for the Japanese culture. I'm always looking to learn new things about other cultures besides my own because I find them so interesting and fun! Harajuku series are special to me because it pushed me to create something I haven't done before and to do research on something new was really intriguing for me. I love fashion and doing these helped me create something what I think is unique and special. Haha, with that being said, I hope to visit Japan sometime soon to hopefully get even more inspired! 
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