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Together Libby and her husband, John, are LuxCups Creative. They make one-of-a-kind, hand painted faux taxidermy jewelry in Houston Texas that's totally awesome, totally precious, and totally handmade. They just shipped us a new bundle of their amazing creations that you can check out for yourself at the shop or online. We asked Libby a few questions about her life, her brand, and her creations.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Libby Johnston Napier! My husband, John, and I comprise the LuxCups Creative team. We live and work in Houston, Texas with our two miniature schnauzers, Yoshi & Porkchop.

Libby and John of LuxCups


What’s your artistic background?

I have a degree in Fine Art Photography & John has a background in music. This makes total sense now that I’m thinking about it. I’m usually all over the place, creating new pieces and getting bored often, while he’s able to focus on the details and keep us moving in the right direction.  

Does Luxcups Creative have an origin story? And if so, do you mind sharing it?

LuxCups originally started as a small cupcake business about 8 years ago. I became attached to the name and altered it to encompass my entire artistic side by renaming it, LuxCups Creative, or LuxCups for short. I also think the name serves as a reminder of where I’ve come from.

LuxCups Creations in the making


I have to ask – what’s your opinion on the real deal taxidermy stuff?

Eww! So very interesting but I in no way support hunting. I am a vegetarian of 17 years and can distinctly remember coming home in high school and finding a large taxidermy buck bust lying on my parents’ bed in the dark. My dad had brought it home as a souvenir from a regular hunting trip. That deer still hangs in my parent’s den to this day. I mean that’s pretty normal since we live in Texas, right? I guess that experience really made an impression on me.

Your pieces are characters in themselves, how do you create whole back stories for them?

Their stories start from a name. I usually name them with some type of alliteration, like Samuel Sloth or Bow-dacious Bunny. I love alliteration! I then craft a back story based on their color scheme and clothing. Since they are crafted by hand and are all like my babies, I think naming them makes the purchase of my pieces more like an adoption.

So many teeny, tiny pieces to paint


If you weren’t designing Luxcups, what would be your next dream job?

I would absolutely love to work for Sanrio and adore the products and atmosphere of Paper Source. I have a soft spot for office supplies and stationary. I think I could be happy as long as I have some type of cute and creative outlet.

Your line is so fun and quirky, who is your ideal customer?

People with a sense of humor who don’t take life too seriously. I think our ideal customer is someone similar to myself. I love many aspects of girl’s accessories but ultimately find them childish. Go figure, right? By pairing a more serious concept, like taxidermy, with fun colors and bows, I think we have created a more sophisticated version suitable for all ages.

mini animal studs 

Thanks so much Libby and John! Love LuxCups as much as us?
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