As we approach October 31st, with stores stocking up on sweets, spooky decor, and enough pumpkin spice essence to fill a concert hall, you may be wondering - what in the world is my kid going to dress up as this year? Whether you have a preschooler or a pre-teen, it’s always more fun to make your own costume. To help give you some inspiration, here are nine super cool DIY kids costumes for Halloween '19!


{ Simone L. dressed as Edna from The Incredibles }


Stranger Things

Whether you’re a family of four, or a party of one, there are plenty of “Stranger Things” characters to go around! Dress the family up as Hopper, Joyce, and Eleven and you’re good to go! If you’re more inclined to season three, grab a yellow scrunchie, psychedelic button down, mom jeans, suspenders, white sneakers, and throw in a box of Eggos and you’ve got a perfect season three version of Eleven!




“PAW Patrol is on a roll!”

If you’ve been the parent of any kid under ten in the past six years, I’m sure you’re aware of the hype of PAW Patrol, it’s pup-riffic! If you’ve got a PAW Patrol fan on your hands, here are a couple of easy DIY tricks to a great Police Officer Chase costume!



Plant Based

Succulents are great as a no-fuss house plant but it turns out they also make a super fun and easy halloween costume. Add a bright pink flower for a pop of color and get prickly with these adorable DIY cactus costumes!


“It’s just a bunch of- hocus pocus!”

We love witches! Got a group of three? Get back to the classics with these Hocus Pocus inspired costumes! Equally adorable and intimidating!



Wednesday Addams

With the upcoming release of the new Addams Family animated movie, Wednesday Addams is sure to be a sought after costume for adults and kids alike! This adorable Wednesday Addams costume even comes with a matching DIY Cousin It Pail!




Hilda on Netflix is not only gorgeously animated and fun to watch, but it makes for a super simple costume! Pick up a blue wig, a blue skirt, red sweater, a yellow scarf, some red boots, and a black beret and you’re all set! All that’s left is an adorable deer-fox companion!




“To the Bus!”

We absolutely love science, and so does the Magic School Bus! This charming DIY Mrs. frizzle costume is the perfect way to celebrate your little scientist! Scale each item up a bit and it makes for a great adult Mrs. Frizzle as well!



Frida Kahlo

Celebrate art and feminism with a gorgeous Frida Kahlo costume your kid is sure to love! Draw inspiration from florals- pick out a headband, a beautiful dress, and be proud of that brow! Throw in a piece of cool vintage jewelry from Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and you’re all set!



Rainbow Unicorn

A rainbow unicorn, as we all know, is the absolute epitome of childhood imagination and dress-up, but this colorful equestrian costume is not only perfect for kids but for parents as well! It is minimalistic and simple without losing any of it’s flair or charm! Any kid would have a blast trick-or-treating in this comfy and magical unicorn costume.  



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