DARON NEFCY: The paintings I did while my kid is asleep.
“A collection of paintings done for the pure joy of creating.” 

Join Daron Nefcy at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in our first gallery exhibit of 2024. We are exciting to bring in the new year with colorful, happy art!

Opening Event: Sat. Feb. 3 | 6-9pm
Show Run: Feb 3 - March 30, 2024

The collection will be available online for viewing + purchase on Sun, Feb. 4th.
For inquiries email, orders@leannalinswonderland.com


This exhibition showcases a collection of Daron Nefcy's latest paintings, sprinkled with a few old favorites just for fun. Each piece is a product of late-night creativity, emerging after the responsibilities of work and putting her child to bed. Created solely for the sheer joy of artistic expression, these paintings embody the belief that creativity knows no time constraints.

In the realm of these artworks, Daron has woven together everything she loves ~ vibrant colors, patterns, girls, creatures, and magic.

While Daron's profession allows her to create art for clients, the arrival of a new baby, now a toddler, has reshaped her perspective on time and creativity. These paintings, born from the stolen moments after a long day, provide a personal sanctuary where art is made with no external agenda.

We hope you enjoy these creations as much as she has enjoyed bringing them to life. *-*

ABOUT DARON NEFCY: Artist/Executive Producer/Writer/Illustrator

Daron Nefcy is the Emmy-winning creator and executive producer of the original hit series "Star vs. The Forces of Evil”, one of Disney’s most-watched animated series.  Nefcy combines comedy and magic in this unique show which has aired all over the world. Since Star's debut, Nefcy has been awarded Variety's "10 Animators to Watch" and made Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2015.  The Los Angeles Times featured Nefcy in a cover story about the growing influence of women in animation and the increasing enrollment of women in art schools. 

Nefcy's other television credits include Netflix’s “We the People”, Disney's "Wander Over Yonder", Warner Bros. animated series "MAD" and Nickelodeon's "Robot and Monster”.

Nefcy is also a prolific painter who has showcased in many galleries including Gallery Nucleus and The Hive. Her illustrations can be found in Disney Press, Variety, and online publications.

For more information visit www.DaronNefcy.com