Join us on Saturday, December 9, 2023 (12-4pm) at Leanna Lin's Wonderland in Eagle Rock for a NAOSHI HOLIDAY POP-UP + TAKO KNOWS BOOK SIGNING! Naoshi will be setting up at the shop with her quirky art goodies ~ including books, art prints, DIY sunae kits, sticker sheets, washi tape, and more! We are excited to be the first spot in Los Angeles that Naoshi is signing her books! 

*** For TAKO KNOWS book purchase, you will get a FREE TAKO Sticker Sheet!

Plus, the Capocalypse truck will be parked in front from 12-2pm. This local truck run by artist Simon Says Macy is full of fun gacha machines filled with collectible toys.

"TAKO KNOWS": Tako is an octopus who knows how precious life is and wants to live it to its fullest. He creates art and music and food and shares it all with the residents of the underwater world of Tako City. There is nothing Tako wouldn't do for his friends. From the mind of internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Naoshi, whose distinctive characters and original style are recognized around the world, Tako Knows is a candy-colored, pop fantasy world inspired by manga comics. Created using shiny colorful sand called Sunae, Tako teaches us to enjoy the present and fill our days with humor and joy. For adult fans of Japanese cuteness culture called Kawaii (think Hello Kitty and Pikachu), K-Pop, art lovers, crafters, kids, kids at heart, and anyone who can appreciate a singular artistic vision, Tako Knows is an unforgettable visual feast that readers will revisit for years to come.

Naoshi was born in Iwate, Japan, and currently lives and works in Los Angeles. She works with the medium of sand art known as “Sunae” in Japanese. Using brightly colored grains of sand and adhesive paper, she creates whimsical characters in candy-colored pop and fantasy worlds.

For Naoshi, Sunae is a visual tool to express unique worldviews. In addition to creating her own artworks, Naoshi makes Sunae kits, which are available to the public, and runs workshops in the hope of sharing the joy of using this expressive art form.

Her art is also available on several products ~ including home décor and stationery,  plus tees and totes, which are printed in downtown L.A. by Popkiller!

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