Lucila (known as Luli Bunny) is an an illustrator of sweet things, especially animals, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For over 10 years she's been designing toys, stationery, games, and books for clients all over the world!

I initially met Lucila (not IRL) when Bored Inc. invited her to be a part of our Pablove One Another Art Show back in 2012. Her work is super sweet and I adore it all! 

"Space Commander Beta Carotene" for Pablove One Another Art Show in 2012


Before that I knew of Luli Bunny from Momiji (1 of my favorite lines at the shop), which she'd been guest designing for! Luli Bunny's latest Momiji series is called Mindfulness for Momiji "Lavanda & Linden" and we are excited to have them arrive to Leanna Lin's Wonderland soon.


Get to know more about Luli Bunny below with my Q&A! See below *-*

* Tell us here at Wonderland what your creative process is like. 

Hello! Nice to meet you all and really happy to share a bit of my illustrated universe with you :)

My creative process has been changing over the years but I can say that what remains the same is that I keep a small A5 white page notebook near me always (in fact I have it by my side while I write this) There, I write little ideas, make doodles and plan projects. I like to think of it as a container for my thoughts and feelings and little seed keeper for future projects as many times most of my doodles just stay there for some time.

I still sketch on paper as I never really got used to doing it so digitally. The sketching part is is still traditional and then when I paint I go digital. I work mainly with illustrator and photoshop and I have to say that while doing line art I get glimpses of color in my head that guide me to the color stage (I wish I had better words to describe this XD). 

When I am designing a character I let it speak to me and usually know, but not in an intellectual way of knowing as it’s purely instinctual, how they want to look :) it’s a really fun process for me and something I love doing.



* I see that you love animals and enjoy going to the park to draw birds :) What else inspires you these days?

I love just sitting at the park and contemplate nature, I also get inspired walking over the city and watching the colors and patterns on the urban landscape. I enjoy silence and a nice cup of chai tea while sketching and writing ideas for illustrations and characters :) 

* Do you have any future goals that you'd like to accomplish with your art?

I would love to keep on working on toys, dolls and decorative objects because I love the challenge of trying different mediums and techniques. I am curious and love to investigate new ways of doing things. I find joy creating little things that make people days happier, I feel grateful every time I receive an email from someone who’s day was brighter because they saw an illustration or character. 

* What are 3 of your favorite things that you can't live without?

Oh! Hard one to choose just 3 but let’s go :)

1. Beck´s music. A big source of inspiration for me. Specially Sea Change (I always go back to it when I draw) | 

2. My puppy brother Mortimer

3. Sketchbook and 0.5 mechanical pencil

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