Susie and Heidi Bauer - sisters, business partners, and creative duo!

Susie and Heidi Bauer are not only sisters, but the owners of the modern and colorful stationery and gift shop, LA's own, Rock Scissor Paper! Their newest and brightest designs are featured in our current window display and in our LOCAL LOVE collection. We got to chat with them about their business, their inspiration, and what it's like operating a shop in a time where businesses have had to get more creative with how they operate.

If you could introduce yourselves?

We are Susie & Heidi Bauer. We are sisters and owners of Rock Scissor Paper, a gift & stationery company. The majority of our designs are made in our studio in San Fernando. We are definitely LA Girls as we were born and raised in Los Angeles; specifically in the San Fernando Valley. So I guess you can say we are Valley Girls. 


Above - Rock Scissor Paper Pop-Up featuring their local love collection.

Below - Rock Scissor Paper Local Love CA mugs at Leanna Lins Wonderland.


How did Rock Scissor Paper get started? Was it your first business venture?

We started RSP as a creative side project. Susie was working for the fashion brand, ESPRIT, & Heidi was an assistant to a screenwriter. We always dreamed of having our own business and it started out as something fun to dabble in along with our "real jobs". Our Dad owned a fabric manufacturing plant in DTLA, so it seemed totally normal to us that we would also have a business. As RSP took off, we realized that if we made this our focus it could be a full time venture.

 As sisters (and best friends), who takes care of what part of the business for Rock Scissor Paper?

Susie acts as the Creative Director; developing our new designs, creating promotional images & photos and is in charge of our social media accounts. Heidi is focused on the Operational / Business side of RSP. Given that we have side-by-side desks in our studio, there is a lot of back and forth on all areas of the business.



Leanna's dogs, Twinkie and Max, repping Northeast LA with their new Rock Scissor Paper bandanas.


There’s often a lot of ‘business’ that can go into following your creative passions, as two very creative people, do you guys have any methods for staying inspired while handling the business side of things?

We actually both enjoy the business side as much as the creative part, which is great because the biz part is 80%+ of what you do. Both of us put a lot of effort into staying inspired in life and work. We always use the analogy of a bank account. You can't continue to withdraw all the time. You must make deposits into your account, so you don't become creatively "overdrawn". We both are naturally super curious people, so we read a lot and deep dive into things we discover. Books, museums, music & thrifting are all super important. We really try to stay away from looking for inspiration on the web. We call it "Pinterest Syndrome" when everyone is looking at the same things there to be inspired and the result is that everything that people are creating starts looking the same.

 I see you guys now have a new Healthcare Hero section on your site, how did you come up with the collection, and what does it mean to you to be creating during an admittedly uncertain time?

Our Healthcare Hero designs are a direct result of suggestions from our customers. (we love our customers!) We had many requests for ways to directly thank people in their lives who were doctors and nurses. Because we produce most items in our studio, we have the ability to quickly produce products to meet an immediate need. 

Creating during this difficult, uncertain time is actually an absolute must for us. It has always been a way for us to process difficult times in our lives. Doing and making are signs of hope. 


Leanna holding all of the Rock Scissor Paper tote bags we carry in store. Featuring the "We are All in This Together" Tote Bag mentioned below.

You have such a fun and positive shop, it must be hard not to take one of each design for yourself! Do you guys have a favorite mug or sticker (or anything in between) that you keep at home?

Well we DO take a lot home! Susie has a large collection of coffee mugs at home (her husband would say it could be classified as hoarding)  Heidi's current fav is the We are All in This Together Tote Bag. She doesn't go anywhere without it! Maybe it goes without saying, but we both write and send a LOT of cards.

What is your favorite spot to visit in LA that always brings a smile?

A favorite is Bob's Donuts in the Original Farmers Market. We have gone there since we were kids. If the delicious treats and the red donut logo on the bags were not enough, sitting there and people watching is the best!

And finally, let everyone know how they can support Rock Scissor Paper!

Rock Scissor Paper is a small business that supports other small businesses. We believe that together we are a living organism that is the heart and soul of our cities. So to support us, we ask you to support all small businesses and help us all thrive!


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