Secret Lives of Dolls… New explorations by artist sisters CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy

Please join us for a show of enchanting new paintings and explorations, folk inspired doll forms and art prints by artist sisters CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy.

IG LIVE GALLERY PREVIEW: Fri. Oct. 13th |  7pm PST (10pm EST) followed by online Presales

* The first 10 purchases for both online + in person will get a free signed postcard with sticker!

IN PERSON OPENING EVENT: Sat. Oct. 14th | 6-9pm PST 
with a festive cocktail by Whiskey Loves Basil and trick or treats!

Leanna Lin's Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

* See the show in person Wed-Fri (12-7pm) + Sat-Sun (11am-5pm) + online 24/7



Note from Leanna *-* 
It warms our hearts to celebrate the beginning of the festive season with you ~ friends, family, customers, art collectors, and our local community! These ladies have been a huge part of Leanna Lin's Wonderland since it's fruition in 2010. Since then, they've curated shows here: Heart on our Sleeve (2010), Head in the Clouds (2011), Far Away Places (2012), Through The Looking Glass (2013) ... popped up in the middle of the shop for the Arroyo Discovery Tours (their Mom, Linda Allen, a block away at Torros Pottery), guest signed at our DesignerCon table, etc. ... and when 2020 hit, Mindy joined us in livestreaming on Popshop Live, and last year had our first holiday pop-up in a long time. It brings us joy to make this full circle. AND, to top it all off with cherries on top, Sophie Metzger, is part of the Wonderland team too (sales + gallery assistant).



CJ Metzger's Show Statement:
My creations for this show began as sketches over several years, and it wasn't until recently that it clicked in my mind as to what the sketches needed to become. (Who knows, maybe it was a bit of the Barbie movie too?) Creating characters, building worlds and writing stories is something I've spent my whole life doing, and all of it stems from the imagination I built as a child, a childhood spent playing with every type of doll imaginable.  For this show, small pieces in ornate frames and hand cut wooden folk doll forms take center stage. These works explore dolls as icons and vessels not only for carrying out the exploits of our own imaginations and adventures, but they also “toy” with the idea that, once we’ve left the room or drifted off to sleep, what if they had lives, worlds, imaginations and personalities all of their own? I hope you find these pieces introspective, enchanting and that they take you on your own imaginative journey!


CJ Metzger's Bio:
Candace (CJ) Metzger is an artist, designer and author, appearing in multiple shows at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland and galleries across the US. She works and lives in Los Angeles with her creative family, surrounded by a menagerie of pets and visiting owls. More of her work can be seen at


Miss Mindy's Show Statement:
Cheers to our own “knowing” and embracing the roots of our existence! I’ve chosen to explore the spirituality, science, silliness and stardust of our beings for this particular batch of creations. My love of fungi is shining bright as reclaimed wood takes center stage for my “dolls” big and small, little and tall… whilst taking on a whole new life of their own.


Miss Mindy's Bio:
‘Cartoon Folk Art’ is how Miss Mindy describes her creations which range from fluid line work and hand-crafted dimensional ‘Pop UP’ paintings to custom toys and sculptures. Miss Mindy has been a prolific professional artist for many years and she continues to paint commissions for her private collectors, and showcase her paintings and sculpture, while character designing & art directing at random, in her enchanting home studio in Eagle Rock, CA. More of her work can be see at