The Very Asian Art Show curated by Genevieve Santos!

The Very Asian Art Show, curated by Genevieve Santos of Le Petit Elefant, will kick off AAPI Heritage Month in the best way, showcasing 18 AAPI artists celebrating and engaging in what it means to be "very Asian". A portion of the proceeds will go to API EQUALITY - LA "Empowering Asian & Pacific Islander communities to achieve LGBTQ, racial, and social justice".

During a news segment, news anchor Michelle Li shared her love for eating dumplings on New Year’s Day 2022. A viewer later called in response, disgruntled and annoyed at Li for being “very Asian” and claimed that she needs to “keep her Korean to herself.” In response, Li and the Asian-Pacific Islander community have embraced the term “very Asian” and turned it into a movement of empowerment and unapologetic pride for being “very Asian.”

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IG Live Preview: Sat., April 30th at 6pm PST 
* online sales begin at 7pm PST

In-Person Opening: Sun. May 1st | 12-6pm PST

Very Asian Pop-Up: Sat. June 4th | 4-8pm PST
SHOW RUN: MAY 1 - JUNE 5, 2022
* See the show in person during shop hours or online 24/7



Aggie Cheung (The Little Red House) | Brenda Chi | Faheema Chaudhury (Unicorn Crafts) | Genevieve Santos | goyangiiHarumo Sato | Jacquelin De Leon | Jen Uyeda | Jerome Lu (Hyperactive Monkey) | Josey Tsao | Kai Kwong (Dollgirls) | Kristina Micotti | Kristina Yu (Cheery Human Studios) | Nellie Le | Nidhi Chanani (Everyday Love Art) | Noemi Pamuya Vega (7 years old) | Patrick BallesterosShawna Chan



Genevieve an illustrator & nomadic addict who can't stay in one place for more than six weeks. She’s drawn since she could remember, often recording her favorite cartoons on VHS tape, and studying each illustration frame by frame. This, in all likelihood, made her the worst 5-year-old with whom to watch cartoons.

In 2009 she started her own business, Le Petit Elefant, so she could do what she loves: get lost in the world and express it through art. Genevieve’s wandered all over the world, collecting stories & various materials to use for her art. The art that you see and she produces is an ongoing culmination and mixing of personal experiences, relationships, travels, and a truly deep love for ice cream.