Leanna Lin’s Wonderland celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

Did you know that May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? Since 1992, this monthly observance honors the many accomplishments of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

As Chinese Americans born in Los Angeles, both my mom, Mae Mei, and I are proud to continuously support the strong community of Asian/Pacific American artists and designers within California. 



Sisters Alice and Doris Lieu, for example, are Chinese Americans who have started a growing line of stationary and email pins that are a Leanna Lin’s Wonderland favorite. They have even incorporated their family’s Chinese heritage within their company’s name, ILOOTPAPERIE.

According to Alice Lieu, “we loved that our father looked up our last name “Lieu” in the dictionary to determine the spelling when he immigrated over as a graduate student (he was and still is very nerdy). So we’ve aspired to weave our family name, Lieu, into a company name ever since we were little. We initially started with “In Lieu of Ordinary Things”. Then one night we were playing around with variations and realized the acronym spelled “ILOOT,” we added “Paperie” to it and voila!” 



We also 
had the pleasure of hosting Asian American writer and craftivist Krista Suh at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland for a special book-signing event. Krista is the woman behind the pink pussy hats knit by women (and men) all around the world and has inspired feminists around the globe with her book DIY Rules for a WTF World. We still have signed copies by Krista Suh and Aurora Lady, so get one now!



And how could we forget the sweet artworks of Genevieve Santos, Patrick Ballesteros, Nellie Le, and Lili Chin, along with Asian/Pacific American brands Hello ShisoJanie XY, The Stranded Stitch, Flat Bonnie, and Fat Rabbit Farm? Shop the collection here >

Also, don't miss our WONDERPETS Art Show which is on view through May 19th
. Some Asian/Pacific American artists include Andrea Kang, Bonnie Lui, Brenda Chi, Cel La Flaca, Crowded Teeth, Elsa Chang, Emii Creations, Flat Bonnie, Genevieve Santos, Janie XY, Kate Soldevilla, Kristina Yu / Cheery Human Studios, Lili Chin, Meu!, and Naoshi!


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