We love our small town of Eagle Rock and there are lots of yummy places to eat at when you visit our shop/gallery! Here are a few of our favorites.


Blairs | 1948 Colorado Blvd | Delicious Italian food! Everything here is spectacular and you can't go wrong with any choice :) We also love the new back patio!


Cacao | 1576 Colorado Blvd. |  A "Mexicatessan" with gourmet tacos, taquitos, burritos, homemade chips, guacamole and the whole enchilada! Our favorite is their weekend brunch menu, especially the mole chilequiles. Also, check out their weekly specials on the board when you get there. 

 { photo by Leanna Lin's Wonderland }


Eagle Rock Italian Bakery | 1726 Colorado Blvd | The classic Italian deli experience. Make sure you try their affordable Italian subs, cookies by the pound, and their famous cannoli. Check out the freezer in the back for homemade pizza dough, pasta sauce, and more for an easy dinner.


Eagle Rock Poke Shack | 2152 Colorado Blvd | Enter the cool surf Hawaiian vibe and know that you'll get Fresh and Organic ingredients. Try their fun twist on poke like their avocado toast and nachos too!


Found Coffee | 1355 Colorado Blvd | Artisanal teas, coffee, lattes and more are always made to perfection. Our favorites are the Vanilla Bourbon Latte and Ceremonial Matcha Latte with honey. Also, check out their schedule for a variety of local pop-ups + fundraisers!

{ photo by Ashley Tomlinson } 


Four Cafe | 2122 Colorado Blvd | Fresh seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches ... plus, the best mac & cheese with hidden veggies is on the kids menu! Don't leave without getting delicious baked goods; Our favorite is the lavender brown butter cookie (which inspired our lavender lemon bar candle).

{ photos by Avery Wilcox }


Little Beast | 1496 Colorado Blvd | A cozy Craftsman home with an outdoor patio, converted into a restaurant, this is great for a special dinner. Delicious seasonal menu and daily specials. We love sharing plates so we can taste a bunch of things out! They even have a nice kids menu too!


Mia Sushi | 4741 Eagle Rock Blvd | A neighborhood fusion sushi spot that stays open later than most other Eagle Rock spots. The spicy tuna crispy rice topped with miso sauce and avocado is Leanna's go-to order. Ask for the sushi chef special!


Milkfarm | 2106 Colorado Blvd | Specialized cheese shop and so much more! Stop by for daily gourmet sandwiches before they sell out. You can eat it there with beer or wine or take it to go. Also, check out their artisanal food pop-ups and workshops!


 { photo by Herb West }


Muddy Paw Coffee & Park Eagle Rock | 4610 Eagle Rock Blvd | Bring your furry friend to this unique coffee shop with refreshing drinks and artisan vegan (and vegetarian) empanadas + baked goods. Feel good also as a portion of the sales gets donated to an animal non-profit. Keep on the lookout for a variety of events too!


Oinkster | 2005 Colorado Blvd | Slow fast food spot in a mid-century modern building. Famous burger and pastrami shop, but don't shy away from the rest of the menu! We love their roasted chicken, beet salad, and homemade veggie burger. Round off your meal with the best Belgian fries (veggie style available) and an ube milkshake!

{ photo by Avery Wilcox }


Penny Oven | 2131 Colorado Blvd | This wood-fired oven breakfast + bakery spot is a delightful spot and had great coffee drinks! They also do fresh baked sourdough loafs.

{ photo by Leanna Lin's Wonderland }


Relentless Brewery & Spirits | 2133 Colorado Blvd | Distillery with crafts spirits, exclusive beer from their Temecula brewery, and locally sourced bites. Relentless also has fun events!

{ photos by Relentless }

Unincorporated Coffee | 2160 Colorado Blvd | Stop by this fun corner coffee shop on the way to Wonderland and then sip while you browse. Unincorporated sells specialty coffee, tea, refreshing cold drinks, and baked goods. They have a friendly environment for studying, hanging out, or just a quick caffeine fix. Try our favorite delicious drink— an iced Paco's Delight!

{ photo from Unincorporated's website }