YETIS & FRIENDS presents FROM THE DUNGEON: A celebration of role-playing games, and fantasy creatures. Whether it was a late night guild raid, a pen and paper dungeon crawl, or a pizza fueled bender with party members, many of us have fond memories of harrowing escapes and triumphs over chaotic evils. The dungeon is a place where danger, courage, and victory converge to turn ordinary people into heroes.

A portion of the sales will be donated to FixNation. FixNation is a non-profit organization committed to cats, and to supporting Trap-Neuter-Return.


Opening Event: Saturday, March 10th 2018 / 6-9pm

@ Leanna Lin's Wonderland 

* For serious pre-sale inquiries, email orders@LeannalinsWonderland.com *


SHOW RUN: March 10 - April 22, 2018




Bwana Spoons - doubleparlour - Heather Mahler - Holly Conrad - Horrible Adorables - Horse and Unicorn Drawings - Jellykoe - Love & A Sandwich - Michelle Valigura - Mike Bear - Miranda Dressler - Nick Bear - Nick Nazzaro - Shelley Couvillion - Shing Yin Khor - SpookyCutes - Super Ugly - Tara Johnson - The Beast Peddler - Valency - Vince Aparo - Witch on Holiday - Yetis and Friends - Zoë Moss