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What started as an insult Donald Trump said to Hillary Clinton during the last presidential debate quickly became a rallying cry for women across the country. Since the hashtag #nastywoman started trending after the debate until now, momentum for the phrase hasn't slowed.

Amanda Brinkman of Google Ghost designed her Nasty Woman tee before the debate even ended. The t-shirt blew up on instagram overnight, selling thousands in the first few days. You've probably seen the shirt if you were at the Women's March, it's also been worn by celebrities like Katy Perry and Alec Baldwin.  

Our favorite thing about these Nasty Woman t-shirts? Amanda donates 50% of the proceeds from them to Planned Parenthood. Since she started in October she's donate over $125,000!! We are so amazed by Amanda's success and happy to now carry her Nasty Woman shirts and pins in the shop!

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Nasty Woman Unisex Tee


Nasty Woman Enamel Pin