WONDERPETS 5 Art Show: Where Pets are our Super Heroes!
curated by Leanna Lin + Miranda Dressler 

We invite you to celebrate all the weird and wonderful ways pets make life totally SUPER! Dogs, cats, bunnies, pigs and other furry, scaly and feathered friends are all featured in paintings, prints, plush, and sculptures from 48 artists. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to betterTogether Forever, a pet intervention program located at our local North Central Animal Shelter. 

20% of the proceeds from the art sales will be donated to betterTogether Forever because we love all of the amazing work they do for our community.

Thank You in advance for you support *_*

Leanna + Miranda



IG LIVE GALLERY PREVIEW: Fri. Aug. 18th |  7pm PST (10pm EST) followed by online Presales
* Miranda Dressler and betterTogether Forever will be special guests too!

IN PERSON OPENING EVENT: Sat. Aug. 19th | 7-9pm PST
with the Capocalypse truck by Simon Says Macy parked in front! We'll also be collecting pet food donations for the betterTogether Forever pantry too :)

Leanna Lin's Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

This is also a fun time to visit our local Eagle Rock Eateries too! 

* See the show in person Wed-Fri (12-7pm) + Sat-Sun (11am-5pm) + online 24/7

at Leanna Lin's Wonderland + Rev Cycle in Eagle Rock
visit their website's for business hours 






Alice Lieu of ILOOTPAPERIEAlyson Iwamoto - Amanda ConradAndrea Kang - Autumn Leaflet - Beth Atkins - Bored Inc. - Brit Kimmins - Cel La Flaca - Claudia Ramos - CJ Metzger - Danamarie Hosler - Dave Pryor - Elizabeth Chang - Ellie HallErick Martinez - Estevan Ramos - Folksie Linda - Genevieve Santos - greenbeanbaby - Jamie Bendas - Janie XY - Jared Andrew SchorrJenna Puente of Paper Wilderness - Kaitlin Martin - Kevin Chan - Kris EvansKristina Yu of Cheery Human Studios - Leesasaur - Lili Chin - Liz ClimoLuli Bunny - Michelle Sakai-Hart  - Miranda Dressler - Naoshi - Nikki Longfish - Oliver Akuin - Olivia Anderson - Paola Bascon - Simon L. - Simon Says Macy - Sophie! - Stacy Shtogrin Renfroe - Vincent Marchica - Vivian Nguyen - Vivian Nguyen of Cyndercake - Wooly Mani (lolitauartist)



About Leanna Lin:
Show co-curator Leanna owns a playful gift shop and art gallery, Leanna Lin's Wonderland, where the show will be exhibited! After losing their first pup Richy in 2011, she became more aware of the homeless animal situation in L.A. and she's rescued 3 dogs since. Check her out on Instagram! @LeannaLinsWonderland


About Miranda Dressler:
Show co-curator Miranda Dressler is a LA illustrator working in animation (Disney, Cartoon Network, Fox) and product design. She's been drawing dogs instead of doing her homework since she could hold a pencil and loves making animal inspired artwork. Miranda has a big fluffy white dog but wishes she could adopt every dog in need: which is why she's so happy to raise donations for a great cause through this show. Check her out on Instagram! @mirandaright


About betterTogether Forever:
betterTogether Forever offers resources and referrals to at-risk, under-resourced, under-served, housing-challenged pet parents in Los Angeles, California so that they can keep their pets, keep them safe and healthy and NOT have to surrender them to an animal shelter, give them up, or abandon them on the streets. Check them out on Instagram! @PeopleAndPetsBTF